Rational Systems, Inc.

Is now Tenberry Software, Inc.!

Rational Systems, founded in 1984, made its name as the creator of the first industry standard DOS extender, the 16-bit DOS/16M, and the widely accepted 32-bit DOS/4G. It was also the creator of the high-peformance C programming environment InstantC. In 1995 Rational Systems changed its name to Tenberry Software, Inc., which continues to support and develop the same quality products under the guidance of their original developer.

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Courtesy Note: If you are looking for Rational Software Corporation, offering component-based development of software systems based on visual modeling and object technology, they can be found at http://www.rational.com or http://www.rational.net . (These are the addresses we were given, but as of February 4, 2003, neither works. Apparently, they are undergoing changes as part of their becoming part of IBM.)

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