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"In most cases there are so many bugs lurking in inherited code that without running a program like InstantC on it, you're never going to know what's going on in there. We uncovered literally hundreds of bugs, including some very nasty inter-file errors -- where something is declared one way in one location and another way somewhere else. InstantC is tremendously useful in comparing all calls across all files."
---- Bill McCarthy,
Senior Programmer

InstantC's immediate execution lets you examine the behavior of even the smallest part of your program -- no need to restart the whole program. You can continually re-execute a function until its behavior becomes clear.

InstantC's powerful code browsing shows you both the structure and relationships of your code, so that you can easily see "who does what to whom".

InstantC's powerful data browsing shows you the current state of your data organized in the logical structures of your source code.

InstantC's memory dump windows shows you the current state of your program's data in various traditional "dump" formats, to see data patterns that might not be apparent from source debugging.

Programmers not familiar with the code particularly benefit from all these different ways that InstantC provides to "look inside" the structure and behavior of a program.

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