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The InstantC development environment has been received with much enthusiasm by BYTE Magazine, C Gazette, The C Users Journal, Computer Language, IEEE Computer, INFOWORLD, Micro/Systems Journal, PC TECH Journal, PC Magazine, Programmer's Journal and most importantly, InstantC users. Some quotes from the mailbag at Tenberry Software:

"Two or three times more productive? NO! I'm ten times more productive than my friends who program in C, and I'm not ten times smarter. But I use InstantC, and they don't. I've done in two and one half hours the very same programming that others took several weeks! How would I describe InstantC? In one word, GREAT."

"I had a deadline to convert a UNIX program to DOS. Ten days remained and I could see I could not finish using compilers and conventional debuggers. I bought InstantC and converted and debugged my program. Even with the extra time to become proficient in InstantC, I did finish the project on time. Since then I've saved two more critical projects against 'impossible' deadlines. My company thinks I'm a wizard."

"I couldn't work on a project of this complexity with any other tool as I can with InstantC. I tell every programmer I meet they should get InstantC."

"It reduces the time between 'idea' stage to working code dramatically. All parts of the system are beautifully integrated to bring an exceptional programming tool to the C user... it's an absolute must in every programmer's library!"

"Dollar for dollar, InstantC is the best programming tool I have. I expected a 10% cut in programming time, but I've gotten 50%."

"When I was first introduced to InstantC, I had been stuck on a memory clobber for about a week, I solved the problem with InstantC in three hours. Seven out of ten times when I have a memory clobber, I can load it into InstantC and find it."

"Your product is great! At last I'm cranking out C code in no time flat."

"InstantC has served as an excellent debugging tool, catching those subtle mistakes we all make. Development productivity has increased threefold or more from the old- fashioned code-compile-link-test loop."

"InstantC is the finest piece of software engineering I have ever seen! You folks have a talent for doing everything superbly."

"My group used InstantC, finished our part of the project on time, and had only seven bugs in integration. The other groups (using only conventional tools) were late, and had hundreds of bugs."

"InstantC doubles or triples my programming productivity."

"Of course I haven't told my peers about InstantC! They're my competition. Why would I let my competition know what enables me to underbid them, yet make more money, turn the job around faster, and still produce code that makes my customer ecstatic?"

"My biggest fear is that I'll be asked to do any programming without it. I'm spoiled by InstantC."

"Now I continually amaze my clients with the speed and quality of my work. Without exception I blow the doors off any other contractors that they work with (1/2 my innate talents and 1/2 InstantC)."

"InstantC is fabulous for finding and fixing the sticky bugs."

"I have one question regarding InstantC: How did we ever live without it? We have higher quality products since we started using InstantC."

"Superb product! I simply won't code any other way because of the speed benefits. InstantC gives me extremely fast development times."

"Protyping and exploratory coding in creative design is encouraged by the interpretive environment which is vastly superior to the compile/link process."

"Editing, incremental compilation, and debugging are concurrent which expedites the coding cycle by orders of magnitude."

"Compile-time and execution-time error checking locate those nasty interfile and obscure array bounds errors."

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