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"I had a deadline to convert a UNIX program to DOS. Ten days remained, and I could see I would not finish using compilers and conventional debuggers. I bought InstantC and converted and debugged my program. Even with the extra time to become proficient in InstantC, I did finish the project on time. Since then I've saved two more critical projects against 'impossible' deadlines. My company thinks I'm a wizard."
---- Alan Goodhue,
Senior Programmer

Compile and links in less than a second means that you program by making small coding changes and immediately executing to examine the effects and test all the results -- so that you can keep your concentration on solving the problem at hand.

With InstantC's incremental compilation technology, you can start testing most edits to your program in less than a second.

Since you can usually replace functions while your program is still executing, you can continue testing without having to restart your run, saving even more time.

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