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InstantC from Tenberry Software is more than just an excellent programmers' toolsuite -- though it does provide an excellent compiler, editor, debugger, code browser, interpreter, and all the tools you rely on. InstantC is a seamlessly integrated programming environment that can double your productivity and eliminate many of your worst headaches forever.

This page lists links of interest to InstantC programmers.


comp.lang.c newsgroup -- the "firehose of newsgroups". Comp.lang.c is one of the busiest newsgroups (200-300 postings per day. It is somewhat of a challenge to post here, because of the "good news/bad news" character of c.l.c:

  • The good news is that c.l.c. has a much higher fraction of posts are answered than other newsgroups.
  • The bad news is that the 'gurus' who post the best answers are *extremely* aggressive about telling you to go someplace else if they view your post as off topic.
Because of the volume, even helpful answers can seem like flames. There are a group of extremely sharp, knowledgeable, bright, (cranky, sharp-tongued) posters who can help with almost any problem.

One of the best things about comp.lang.c is the comp.lang.c FAQ. Be sure to read the FAQ before posting a question, as there is often a sharp response for posting a frequently asked question.

The comp.lang.c FAQ has been fleshed out into a highly recommended actual book, "comp.lang.c FAQs: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions", by Steve Summit, pub. Addison-Wesley. Steve also maintains a web version of the comp.lang.c FAQ is at eskimo.com.

There are three good DOS newsgroups, although they really aren't independent, since about half the postings are cross-posted to two or all three. The answers you get here may not be as fast or as correct as comp.lang.c, but you are much less likely to get flamed!

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