Tenberry Delivers Defect-Free Software Without Increasing Development Costs

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Tenberry Software, Inc.
Guaranteeing Defect-Free Software
P.O. Box 20050, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269, USA
tel 1.480.767.8868
fax 1.480.767.8709

Tenberry Software (formerly known as Rational Systems, Inc.) is the creator of the industry standard DOS extender, DOS/16M, as well as the widely accepted DOS/4G series of extenders.

Tenberry's engineers average over thirty years of systems development experience. Code we have written runs on millions of personal computers every day.

We can help you meet your software development and maintenance goals.

We know how to develop and maintain Defect-Free, high performance software that runs in every environment.

Tenberry technology is run on millions of PCs every day. Many commercial PC products run on our technology across DOS and all Windows variants. Thousands of business products and almost all games, built by over ten thousand customers, utilize our technology for memory access & management, execution controls, and cross-operating systems support.

Along the way, we have developed expertise in automated QA testing, parsing, porting, conversions, middleware, debugging, and problem correction. Developing and delivering our products during the past 15 years has required this expertise and, in many cases, has allowed us to transfer the technical capability and methods along with the product benefits to our customers.

We help companies maintain software.

Many customers have utilized our expertise in software to develop cost-effective solutions to complicated and difficult problems. Other customers have improved their programming skills, schedules, and quality by using our proven tools and methods. Still others have used our engineering services for custom development.

Maintaining software, either within an organization or as a product, consumes the largest portion of most software budgets. Permanent improvements in programming or in software environments have provided our customers with practical problem resolution -- and permanent schedule and cost reduction.

Tenberry provides precisely matched technology, tools, services, and support for business software needs.

To discuss Tenberry's Defect-Free implementation of your software projects, contact our sales department at the address below. You'll be glad you did!

Tenberry Software, Inc.
P.O.Box 20050, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269, USA
1.480.767.8709 fax
1.480.767.8868 phone

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